SMALL CLAIMS - Many lawsuits fall under this category

if the amount of your claim is $7,500.00 or under.

If your claim is more than $7,500.00 you will need to

file in District Court and you may need to meet with an attorney.

Before filing a Small Claims Complaint, the Plaintiff must:

1.  Send a demand letter, with return receipt requested, to the

     Defendant.  The demand letter must instruct the Defendant

     to pay the amount due within ten (10) days of the date that

     the letter is sent or the Plaintiff will file a Small Claims case

     against the Defendant.  You must mail the demand letter


     and have them sign for it.  When you recevie the green

     receipt back in the mail, save it as you will need it

     later to file with your Small Claims Complaint if they

     do not respond.

2.  Wait at least 10 days from the date the demand letter is

     sent before filing a Small Claims case against the Defendant.

3.  Include a copy of the demand letter along with a signed

     return receipt (as proof of mailing) with the Small Claims

     Complaint when the Small Claims Complaint is filed

     against the Defendant.

4.  You must be 18 years or older to file a Small Claims Complaint.

We have experienced trial paralegals that can assist

you in completed the small claims packet and help you

prepare your exhibits for your Small Claim Trial.

Let us ease the burden of filing a Small Claims action.

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